About Us

Tan Ease founder and self-confessed tan-a-holic Chanel, founded Tan Ease to try and make the process of tanning easier. She says:

"As someone who came out of the womb with a skin shade closer to that of milk than copper, you can imagine the levels of disappointment I was going through, slowly followed by the acceptance that this was my life. 


But then, something amazing happened. I discovered fake tan. A foam-like substance that could be applied to my skin, marinated in for 8 hours and then washed off - completely transforming my body from a shade of white to a shade of brown. I felt like I'd won the lotto.  


Before I knew it, this became a weekly routine every Thursday night *cue girls everywhere screaming in agreement* whether I had a weekend filled with plans, or whether I was going to be blobbing on the couch watching my 17th straight episode of The Hills (still not over Jason cheating on LC) and just wanted to be the best possible tanned version of myself.


The only problem I ever faced and still face in this process is applying the tanning mousse. Sure, there are tanning mitts available, but they aren't really designed with the consumer in mind. And then, I had my lightbulb moment. Wouldn't it be crazy if someone actually sat down and recognised what was wrong with the tanning mitts that exist? They always move around when tanning, slip off when you tan your legs, and don't actually stop your fingers from going green. Before you know it, 3 - 4 uses and they're rubbish. Enter stage left, Tan Ease. 


After years of genuinely despising having to tan because of the mitts available, I decided that enough was enough and I needed to create my own. So what did you create you ask? Well, let me tell you!


Firstly, the glove has a double-layer of velvet material that is thicker then anything currently available - meaning it lasts longer and won't come off in tuffs when you tan. Secondly, there is double-layered waterproof lining on the inside to stop your fingers going green. Actually. And thirdly, there is an elasticated wristband at the bottom of the glove so once you slide that sucker onto your hand, it aint going nowhere! 


As you can imagine, this underwent rigorous testing by yours truly - I even dragged the boyfriend in to check that he approved of the upgrades, whilst tanning my back of course. I also wanted to make sure I was doing my part to help the environment, so every tanning mitt comes in a re-usable and recyclable ziplock carry case. 


So, I hope that gives you a bit more understanding of why I actually bothered to "re-invent the wheel" - thanks Dad - and what makes this mitt stand out amongst the others."


Happy tanning xx